How to write Request Letter | Letter of request

Hi everyone, so, you are searching for request letter, Request letter terms, formats and types. Here, you come at the right place for finding answers of all these queries. In this article I will discuss all request letter along with samples of each type so, that it will become easy for you to understand the concepts of the letter of request. So, here we begin with the topic “Request Letter”.

Request Letter (Letter of request)


Request letter or we can also write it letter of request in which you can individually or with a group can write this letter to put your request in the business, organization, school or college etc. In any area of which you are part of. This request letter is used for the approval of the particular things you want from your organization. The request can belong for any kind of permission you want from the higher authorities of the organization. Like you are working for a company for a long time and your company did not plan to go for trip for their employees.

So, you and other colleagues can write a request letter for history or educational trip on behalf of the company to the higher department or HR department of the company. Request letter can use for any kind for change or requirement you want for you or for the environment of the working area. Request letter can be written for promotion, payment back, vacations, medical records etc. All these kinds of request letters will be discussed here in this article. So, if you need to write any kind of request letter and you are not aware of how to write the request letter then don’t worry. I will provide you the example of each request letter so that you can easily write down the impactful and impressive request letter.

How to write a Request Letter

After getting to know what request letter is. Second important thing or question arises how to write it?? I think request letter should be written in an impactful and impressive manner so that your request can get approved easily by the organization. If your request letter sounds rude and harsh in tone then there are very much chances that it can be rejected by the organization. So, keep in mind that your request letter should be formal, polite and should include valid points of the request you are seeking for.

In the request letter you are going to impress your feelings in front of the organisers. The request letter should be clarifying your clear intension behind the request. Request letter should not be lengthy and did not include long stories it should be precise and to the point. People don’t like to read long contents so, make it short but do not skip important points of the request letter. You can also do one more things. You can attach documents which supports your request. By doing this you will get strong chances of request letter acceptance. Keep in mind you are a part of professional work. So, your letter should show your professional approach. After completing your request letter, recheck your letter again and if you find anything important missing write that part also. Rechecking of own content is must. It gives confidence that you have written all the points correctly.

So, you can follow all these points while writing the request letter.


How to Request a Letter of Recommendation


For the internship or job purpose we all need to have a recommendation letter. And this recommendation letter is written by your existing company or where you are studying. In any case you need to request your professor or boss to write a recommendation letter for you. For doing this you need to write the REQUEST LETTER to your professor or boss or colleague. A recommendation letter increases your chances to get the required opportunity. So, your request letter is the first step towards your goal. If your request letter is impacted, to the point and describing valid points of yours only then they will agree to write a recommendation letter for you.

This request letter should include your achievements as a student or employees, your hard work, all your strong points your capability of achieving deadlines etc. All the factors that can help you in getting a good recommendation letter should be written in the letter.

Letter of Recommendation Request Template


  After getting to know all the points which you are required to write in the request letter for recommendation letter the next question is in which structure or format all these things to be written. Well, there is always a proper pattern or layout for writing any kind of letter. So, the request letter also possesses the same. For letting you know clear understanding regarding request letter for the recommendation I am going to state here the template of request letter. So, after giving your attention on the template you will get to know about how you can manage to write the request letter for the recommendation.

Reference Letter Request 

The reference letter is also same as recommendation letter. This is used to refer someone for the particular post. Now, this reference letter should be written by the well-reputed person of your current organization. So, you need to request that person to write down the reference letter for you. For the request, you need to write down the request letter so, that they get agree to write down the reference letter for you. As the reference letter plays a vital role for getting you the required job and required the position in the company, it increases your chance for getting selected for particular post.


Sample Donation Request Letter

Suppose you need the sponsors who can donate some money for your organization or project. And you have the list of all the persons from where you can take help. So, in that case, you need to write down the donation request letter. Donation can be for event, project, and expenses and for any other cause. The donation letter should include your needs specifically so that the recipient can get to know the reason behind the donation you are seeking for.  It should be to the relevant points so that the recipients get ready to donate and invest money in your project or any other cause you want to. You can also include profits of the project or event to them so that they also took initiative towards your cause and be part of your team as well.

W-9 Request Letter

Now, come to the other type of request letter that is W-9 request letter. This letter is a prescribed form which is used for the TAXPAYER identification number and certification. This letter is on behalf of IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to obtain the information of the person. It includes your all the details to be filled like Social security number, employer id, if you have any business then details regarding that. In the end you need to write down your signature over there in this letter. This letter is used for the verification purpose of all the details and if there occur any failure in the transaction of your details it can trouble you. So, you need to follow all the instruction mentioned in the request letter and then after filling W-9 form you need to return it back.


Sample Donation Request Letter to a Company

There are higher chances of getting the good amount of donation from the companies. Suppose you are making a project which requires a lot of investment and being new in this field you need some sponsors who can help you in completing your project. This project can help you in your career a lot. And for this, you can take help of the company for the donation purpose. You need to right an impactful request letter so, that company will not able to deny for giving donations to you. Now, as I mentioned above the donation can be for event, project or any other cause and you need to right down all the valid and useful points on behalf of the company as well so that they get agree to pay you. Here, I am providing you the sample for this so that you can write the donation letter easily.


Formal Sample Request Letter Format

The request letter, in any case,e should be written ina formal manner. So, that it will be easy to understand for the recipient. But you need to write the formal request letter in the particular format, as formatting matters a lot while writing any kind of letter. Here, I am listing points for the format of request letter:

  • Firstly prepare the outline of the request letter.
  • Then make a rough copy of the content you want to highlight in your request letter. This helps to write down your request letter more impressive.
  • Your request in the letter should be direct but it should not include harsh tune. I’m just saying that it should precise and to the relevant points of your request.
  • The request letter can also contain the points which show the mutual interest or profit like in case of writing donation request letter.
  • Your request letter should show your politeness in the letter.
  • You can attach documents also relevant to your request.
  • You can also use letterhead for this purpose.
  • Enclosure is very much important to write so you can’t forget to write it.


These are important points you need to remember while writing request letter. And your format should include these points for writing a good and impressive letter.

AMCAS Letter Request form

AMCAS stands for American Medical College Application Service. AMCAS has provided this facility to the writer applicants that they can write the request letter to them. This form is available online on their server site. This letter includes bar codes also for the security purpose. This letter should include the proper identification of the applicant. It includes letter id and letter type, which is author address. This method is used for getting the recommendation from this for medical schools admission. The request form of AMCAS includes the methods which are required to include in the request letter by the author. It also needs the signature of the author on this letter as well. Here, I am listing below that sample AMCAS request letter form you can have a look at this form.


Vacation Request Letter


You are a part of a firm from the long time now you need some vacations form the job as you need a break and want to spend some quality of time with your family friends and relatives. In that case you need to write down the request letter for vacation in your firm. You vacation letter should include valid or relevant points like you have completed your work properly and there is no pending work to do and there is an alternative who can held your job in your absence. All these points will help you to accept your request letter by the company.


Sample Donation Request Letter for non profit

Now, in the above section, I discussed the donation request letter for the company. Most of the non-profit organizations need donations so that they can perform their tasks properly. For this purpose, they write down request letter to different firms or other organizations from which they can get donations for the survival of the non-profit organisation. So, if you are a part of some non-profit organisation and want to write down the request letter for getting the donation for your organisation then here, in the below I have listed sample request letter for this you can take help of this request letter.

Raise Request Letter

Raise request letter is used to written by the employer. Like you a part an organisation or firm form a long time and you did not get any kind of appraisals by the company so you need to show your presence and request them for raise your post or pay. In this case the request letter which is written by you will be considered as raise request letter.


Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

You need a sponsorship for the event you are organising in your college or school. You have find out sponsors as well. But to convince them for the sponsorship you need to write down an impressive beneficial and useful request letter. They get ready to give sponsor to your college or company. You can highlight the importance of their presence and there sponsorship for your event as well as for their company in the request letter. You can write it in formal but you need to specify important terms in the request letter. You can take help of sample sponsorship letter which is listed below.

Medical records Request Letter

Medical records are required for the health insurance purpose or related to such kind of another purpose. For this you need to write down the request letter to the medical authority or organisation so that they retrieve your medical records and submit the information to you so that you can use the information for the required purpose you want to. Here, is the sample letter you can use for this purpose.

Promotion Request Letter

You are a very dedicated employ of your company. You perform all tasks completely and in the required time- frame meeting deadlines is something you have achieved every time. And now you want to get promoted in your company. For this, you need to write down promotion request letter and in this request letter you can highlight all your achievements. And if you don’t have any idea how to write the promotion request letter then down worry you are at right place here you can take help of the sample letter I have listed below.


Refund Request Letter/ Payment Request Letter

You have given payments in the organization for particular services but you did not want to continue or start with the service now and you want to get back the money you have given to the organizers. In this case you have to write down the refund request letter or it can also be termed as payment request letter. Here, is the sample payment request letter below, you can use this letter for writing your own request letter for the refund.

These are different kinds of request letter along with samples and hope you get all the required content of the request letter along with the definition to the format of request letter. Hope this information helps you to write down the good request letter and your request letter got accepted by your organization easily.